Month: January 2014

Elemental Kingdoms
Invite code 44th76

How to Play Elemental Kingdoms on Your PC

I have been playing Elemental kingdoms a lot recently and as i was chatting with my new Clan i mentioned that i was playing it on my PC. Well it seems not many people know how to play Elemental kingdoms on their PC or Laptop.

So i figured i’d put together a short tutorial on how to play Elemental Kingdoms on your PC or Laptop.
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Elemental Kingdoms
Invite code 44th76

Elemental Kingdoms Review and Tips

I am playing this new game for android/Mobile called Elemental Kingdoms. Its a new CCG from Perfect World.You can use my Invite code to get yourself a really nice random high level card !
Elemental Kingdoms Invite Code: 44th76

check out my Review and tips for Elemental Kingdoms

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Magi: The Kingdom of Magic S2 Opening 2

Another Anime on my watch list is Magi:The Kingdom of Magic Also known as Magi Season 2.
I very much enjoyed the first season Magi:The Labyrinth of Magic And have been waiting for season 2 for a while.
Here is the second Opening for Magi:The Kingdom of Magic in 720p HD

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Naruto Shippuden Opening 14: Tsuki no Ookisa HD

First Post that means something !

Naruto Shippuden is one of my top Anime picks and has had some really awesome openings and a lot of the endings are pretty good also and i don’t usually like endings in a lot of the anime i watch.
This is the newest Naruto Shippuden opening .Tsuki no Ookisa , in 720p HD .



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