Month: September 2016


New Catalog Titles: Looking Up at the Half-Moon and Pita-Ten, Ninja Nonsense

Another catalog titles comes to Crunchyroll from Nozomi Entertainment, as both the subbed and English dubbed versions of Ninja Nonsense launches for members in the US and Canda TODAY at 2:30pm Pacific Time!

It’s Super Explosive Ninja Insanity! Take the comedy of South Park, combine it with one totally cute (and naive) ninja-girl trainee, a horde of ninjas under the perverse tutelage of her headmaster: a strange, yellow, spherically pudgy… creature… named Onsokumaru, and you get the craziest, most hilarious anime show ever invented!

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We have another announcement from our friends at Nozomi Entertainment, Pita-Ten is coming to the Crunchyroll catalog TODAY at 4pm for Crunchyroll users in the US and Canada! Premium users can watch all 13 episodes today, while free users can enjoy a new episode each week!

When your neighbor’s an angel in training, there’s no telling what could happen!

Kotarou used to spend most of his time alone, but when the apprentice angel Misha moves in next door, his life is thrown into chaos. Misha immediately clings to Kotarou, but since she doesn’t know much about life on Earth, her “divine intervention” is anything but helpful. She constantly breaks things, gets into trouble, and causes all sorts of misunderstandings.

Now, Kotarou finds himself in one weird situation after another. Where will he end up next? The accidental lead in a school play? Literally glued to his friends? The victim of a voodoo doll? Who knows, but at least he won’t be bored!


Hey everyone, we’ve got some more catalog titles coming to Crunchyroll thanks to our friends at Nozomi Entertainment, as Looking Up at the Half-Moon will be available TODAY at 4pm for Crunchyroll users in the US and Canada.

Even though Yuuichi Ezaki is in the hospital recovering from an illness, he’s constantly sneaking out. One day he’s caught by the head nurse, who makes a deal with him: she’ll overlook his future excursions if he’s willing to befriend a new patient, Rika Akiba. Due to a serious heart condition, Rika has spent most of her life in the hospital, and doesn’t really have any friends. As Yuuichi and Rika spend time together and learn more about each other, their relationship soon blossoms into romance…

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My Wife is the Student Council President Season 2’s 1st Promo Streamed

“Erotic comedy” anime’s new season premieres on October 2
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Anime reviews

Anime reviews

Anime is the Japanese word for animation the word became more famous after 1970’s there are millions of people fan of anime movies or clips. These movies and clips are available for free on internet. The first anime movie clip was created on 1917 and since then the fashion started, more new anime movies with advance effects and themes. Until 1970’s the business in anime movies and clips were on a breakeven point it was hard to say what the future of anime movies is, but soon after 1970 the fans for anime movies and video clips raised millions of peoples were browsing online in search of free anime movies and video clips.

The anime movies had high visuals similar to some fantasy but now there are not so funky look and themes are created. They are trying their best to make the anime movies look realistic you have to believe that the movies produced now days are very much similar to normal movies. I am afraid for the actors and actresses if the trend of anime movies kept on advancing it will soon when there will be no more movies with original actors and actresses, because the anime characters would look so real that they can be changed by the real stars.

The types of anime movies that have been created till now are romance, martial arts, sci fi, mystery, comedy, fantasy, action and super naturals. All these movies were liked by millions of viewers and became unbreakable fans for anime movies. I will suggest you to see an anime movie at least once to get the experience of ultimate atmosphere that will make you stun as you are actually available in the world of anime characters. The fans watching anime movies are not like other cartoon character fans, because cartoon is having way difference than from anime movies.

Anime movies are not restricted and can be watched by any age group, there are some anime movies that are only for adults and have mature contents in it. We recommend having parental guidance while viewing such movies such movies are created to explore the knowledge of love and romance. Hope this article helped you in understanding the concept of anime movies, if you have any questions or doubts about anime please contact us or feel free to explore our website for more details

The” style=”font-size: 14px; font-family: Arial Black;” target=”_self”> Anime movies had high visuals similar to some fantasy but now there are not so funky look and themes are created. They are trying their best to make the Anime movies look realistic you have to believe that the movies produced now days are very much similar to normal movies.


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Crane Game Girls Anime’s 2nd Season Reveals Visual, October 5 Premiere

Main staff, theme song artists also revealed for new series
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Naruto vs Sasuke The Final Battle ,Not This Week

After finally finishing up the filler and getting back to the main story Naruto Shippuden after episode 695 Naruto Shippuden will be taking a 2 week break.A schedule listing has the series off on 9/15, then again 9/22.
It makes up for that break with a special, scheduled for September 29th with the double episode “The Final Battle.”
“The Final Battle” takes place in the Manga in Chapters 694 to 698.

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Star Citizen: What is Melting a Ship / How to Melt a Ship

One of the big Questions i see new players to Star Citizen is How-to Melt a Ship or What is Melting a Ship. 

So First .

What is Melting a Ship.

Simply put Melting a Ship is Returning your Ship or Package in Exchange for Store Credits. You´ll receive as much credits as you spent on the ship or package .
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World of Final Fantasy Game’s PAX West Trailer Previews Anime Cutscenes

Final Fantasy XIII’s Snow appears in game shipping on October 25 in N. America
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Thirty Years Ago: The Best Anime of 1986

1986 wasn’t just another year in the anime industry – from Castle in the Sky to Megazone 23, countless iconic and influential productions were released. Daryl Surat takes you on a journey through the year that was.
Anime News Network – Feature

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