Elemental Kingdoms

What is Elemental Kingdoms?

Elemental kingdoms is one of the newest Card Collecting Games (CCG) currently Put out by Perfect World. And is played on the iOS/Android platform. With over 200 cards and runes to choose from. You can find their Facebook Page Here. You may know some of their other games like Dungeons and Dragons: Neverwinter or Star Trek Online.

Use My Elemental Kingdoms Invite Code: 44tsee To start off with a really nice card.this code is only valid on the Equilibrium server.

Now this is a CCG (Card Collecting Game) And not a TCG(Trading Card Game) as there is no way to trade cards you have collected.
And just like other CCG’s You collect your cards and battle other players as well as advance the story line on maps.
But Elemental Kingdoms has a few extra bit’s that make me want to play Elemental Kingdoms over other card games.

For one they have server wide Boss Demon Invasions!These are monstrous Beasts that must be taken down in 2 Hours and the more damage you do to the boss the more gold you will take home.

TIPS:  The idea here is to get as much damage in on a boss card with as few cards as possible! The more cards you attack with the longer your cool down before you can attack again.and your hero can only take so many hit’s especially early on.

Dark Titan

Dark Titan






Sea King


Plague Ogryn












Elemental kingdoms PvE Map

Next up is the map system in Elemental kingdoms.

There are currently 12 maps. Each with it’s own battlefields to progress the story line and each with 3 difficulties to fight.

you can progress the storyline with only completing 1 star (Easy) on each battlefield in which the condition is only “Win” . You then have the option of continuing onto the next battle map or attempting the same battles on Medium and Hard each with their own victory conditions. Such as have at least 2 Forest cards in your deck ,Kill the enemy hero or destroy all the enemy cards. You win gold and can receive cards from each difficulty level increasing in amounts and rarity as the difficulty rises.

Once you one star all the battlefields on map’s 2 through 8 you open up that maps Tower  .Maps 1 and 9-12 have no tower .These are very important in your quest for better cards and more Gold!


There are also extra hidden battlefields that will only be revealed when you have completed certain battlefields on all difficulties (this also adds more Revenue in your daily map gold bonus )

 Elemental Kingdoms Currency 


Gold is the most used currency. It is used for gold card packs. And is earned from everything from Map victories , Maze fights and completions. You get  huge amounts from gaining merit on Demon Invasions .as well as Achievements completed

Gold card packs contain 5 cards of 1-3 stars and are mostly used for enchanting (leveling up) your cards tho you can save and use same 3 star cards.Also some are rare and can be  very good when you synergize them with better 4  and 5 star cards.

Fire Token’s

Fire Token’s are Given in daily rewards as well as login rewards and are used to buy 1 card of 3-5 stars. These are very nice for players who don’t want to spend any money and still get great cards. It is Possible to get 3 4 and 5 Star cards from these. They are given as Log in rewards throughout the month as well as Achievements completed. You can my Elemental kingdoms Achievement List Here


Gems are the games Premium  currency and are gotten by buying them with real life cash. They are also very easily earned in game from the many events the Elemental Kingdoms Puts on each from time to time.As well as login rewards and  Achievements completed.

They buy

Booster Pack’s : 11 cards 2-5 stars for 300 Gems

Booster Card : 1 card 2-5 stars for 30 Gems

And special packs that appear a few times a month these  packs cost  50 gems for 1 card or 500 Gems for 10 cards These packs are 3-5 stars with a chance at a limited time powerfull 5 star card.


Get Free Elemental Kingdoms Gems !


Elemental Kingdoms has many ways for you to get Gems for Free including …

You can get 300 free gems just for logging in 20 days during the month (This is spread out over the 20 days and need not be consecutive days as long as it’s 20 days within that month)

You get 300 free gems for catching a Thief on Thursday’s daily event ,he can be found by “exploring” your maps  a Thief randomly appears as well as appearing on the “wanted” poster (found under Menu -> wanted poster) these are thieves that you friends have found.

you get 300 free gems from simply fighting 10 of your 15 PvP matches on Wednesday ( and you should always do these anyway) make sure you do these on the game reset at 3am est and not when the arena battles reset at 11pm est.

You could then use 600 of those gems per week on Friday for the 300 gem refund when you spend 600 Gem’s essentially giving you 22 cards for 300 gem’s.Or you can use them on Tuesday (Double Experience in mazes)on maze resets of your highest unlocked Maze at 100 Gems per reset(This is a really good idea as Level means a lot in Elemental Kingdoms)


Invite Friends for Rewards !

When you join you get a personal Invite code that others can use to get their own fire token and then 3 days later a 5*

Your Reward Savory Feast

Your Reward Savory Feast

But if they join the same server as you you get rewards also. They are as Follows.

For each friend that completes the tutorial (Takes a few mins) You get 1 Fire Token and 25 Gems.
When they reach level 7 you get another 25 Gems.

When they reach level 11 you get 50 Gems.

When the reach level 22 you get 75 Gems.

And last , When they reach 30 you get a “Savory Feast” Card These type of cards are worth alot of experiance when enchanting other cards.So please , Join me on the Equilibrium Server and use my Elemental Kingdoms Invite code: 44tsee

 Elemental Kingdoms Log-in Rewards

You get these for logging in each day up to 20 days in a month and do not need to be consecutive days !and reset on the first day of each month.
Day 1 1 Fire Token
Day 2 10 Gems
Day 3 5000 Gold
Day 4
Day 5 Gold Chests Card
Day 6 20 Gems
Day 7
Day 8 1 Fire Token
Day 9 – 30 Gems
Day 10 – Treasure Card
Day 11
Day 12 – 50 Gems
Day 13 – 2 Fire Tokens
Day 14
Day 15 – Treasure Card
Day 16 – 70 Gems
Day 17
Day 18 – 3 Fire Tokens
Day 19 – 120 Gems
Day 20 4 Star card (changes each month)

Elemental Kingdoms Daily Rewards

These are bonuses that are given out monday – sunday

Sunday :    Log in on Sunday and receive 5 fire tokens.

Monday :   Double gold on all stages, including exploring and the tower mazes.

Tuesday:   Double EXP in the tower mazes.

Wednesday:    Fight 10 Ranked matches in the Arena and receive 300 Gems. Each player may only receive this reward one time per day.

Thursday:    Capture a thief and receive 300 Gems. Each player may only receive this reward one time per day. You must be the one to capture the thief, no additional rewards will be given to players who discover thieves.

Friday:    Purchase 20 Booster cards, or 2 Booster packs and get 300 Gems back! Each player may only receive this reward one time per day.

Saturday:    Get 50% of your gems back when you purchase energy. Each time you spend 50 Gems on energy you’ll have 25 gems returned back into your account!

Demon Invasion Reward Tiers

The more damage you do to a demon the more gold you receive. This is rewarded in tiers of damage done as below. Keep this in mind when you decide gem usage to hit that next tier and if it’s worth it to you at 10 Gems per min reduced cooldown.


  • 1 – 4999 = 20,000 Gold
  • 5,000 – 9,999 = 40,000 Gold
  • 10,000 – 14,999 = 60,000 Gold
  • 15,000 – 19,999 = 80,000 Gold
  • 20,000 – 27,999 = 100,000 Gold
  • 28,000 – 39,999 = 120,000 Gold
  • 40,000 – 59,999 = 160,000 Gold
  • 60,000 – 79,999 = 200,000 Gold
  • 80,000 – 99,999 = 240,000 Gold
  • 100,000 – 119,999 = 280,000 Gold
  • 120,000 – 149,999 = 320,000 Gold
  • 150,000 – 199,999 = 400,000 Gold
  • 200,000 – current cap =480,000 Gold
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