New Catalog Titles from Funimation!


We have more additions to the catalog today!

Soul Eater Not! is now available for members in the United States and Canada!

Get ready to meet the newest class at Death Weapon Meister Academy! Tsugumi Harudori and her outrageous friends make up the NOT class at this stylish school dedicated to training living, breathing weapons and uniting them with the Meisters who’ll wield them!

* * * * *

Ragnarok – The Animation is launching today at 5:30PM PT for members in the United States and Canada!

A great evil sweeps across the realm, and the young swordsman Roan, along with his life-long companion Yufa, must face it head on! As the two friends travel toward their destiny, they are joined by an ever-growing cast of heroes. The path they travel is rife with monsters, magic, and danger, but where there’s a will—there’s a way! Lessons lurk in the darkness, and the journey starts now!

* * * * *

.hack//SIGN (+OVA) is launching today at 6:30PM PT for members in the United States and Canada!

Tsukasa wakes up inside The World, a massive online role-playing game full of magic and monsters, and finds himself unable to log out. With no knowledge of what’s happening in the real world, Tsukasa must discover how he ended up stuck in the game, and what connection he has with the fabled Key of the Twilight—an item that’s rumored to grant ultimate control over the digital realm.

* * * * *

Hey Guys,

You may have seen the news last week, but we’ve got a bunch of new catalog titles from our friends at Funimation up now on Crunchyroll!

.hack//Roots is now available for members in the US and Canada!

In the newest version of the massive online RPG know as “The World,” Haseo and his guild mates search for a legendary item called the Key of the Twilight—but they’re not the only ones looking for it. When a rival guild faces off against Haseo and his teammates, the conflict has deep repercussions both inside and outside the game, and threatens to leave the players forever changed.

* * * * *

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero is also now on Crunchyroll for members in the following territories: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa

Hero defeats bad guy. Good triumphs over evil. The end. Or, at least that’s how it usually goes. But what happens after the hero goes home? Ohtorizawa Akatsuki, is about to find out that sometimes the greatest adventure starts after the happy ending.

* * * * *

Kumamiko -Girl Meets Bear is on the Crunchyroll lineup for members in the following territories: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark. Netherlands.

What does a bear know about life in the big city? For Machi Amayadori’s sake, hopefully a lot! The young shrine maiden has spent her whole life in the rural mountains with Natsu, her talking guardian bear. Now, at fourteen, she wants to take a chance and attend high school in the big city. Can Natsu really prepare her for city life? Or will his wacky trials be too much for even Machi to bear?

* * * * *

From our friends at Discotek, we also have Koi Koi Seven for members in the US and Canada!

Tetsuro Tanaka is transferred to Gokoh Academy full of high expectations. However, expectations fade with a bad premonition the moment he steps onto the campus and finds all the students except him are girls! Wow! It’s Heaven! He’s a prince surrounded by pretty maidens! Wrong! A series of weird and frightening incidents fall upon him. Then, 6 charming girls who are called Koi Koi Seven appear as his guardians. Army combat helicopters and anti-tank guns attack Tetsuro for no particular reason. This school is far from a paradise. It is a hell he desperately tries to survive day to day.

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