Star Citizen: What is Melting a Ship / How to Melt a Ship

One of the big Questions i see new players to Star Citizen is How-to Melt a Ship or What is Melting a Ship. 

So First .

What is Melting a Ship.

Simply put Melting a Ship is Returning your Ship or Package in Exchange for Store Credits. You´ll receive as much credits as you spent on the ship or package .

So if you melt your Mustang Alpha  + Squadron 42  Combo package, you would receive 60$ (Current package cost) in store credits.Also if you upgraded the ship from a package you will also receive that cost as store credits.

Mustang Alpha  + Squadron 42  Combo package      60$

Avenger Titan upgrade for  Mustang Alpha                20$

Total Store Credit          =                                        80$

Those credits can be used to buy other ships or packages.So If  for example wanted to grab an Avenger Stalker package (75$ Current price), you would use your 60$ credit add 15$  and have your Stalker package.

Do remember tho that you returned the Squadron 42 game that was part of the original package and will no longer own the single player campaign .

This is a great feature that will not be around forever. We will however get plenty of warning before the feature is removed. It will be very useful  if they decide to put some ships or packages on sale like what is expected to happen during the upcoming Citizen Con expected to be in November. You can melt whatever package you have now and buy the new package at the sale price and have extra cash for other items.
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How to Melt a Ship

Melting a ship is a very easy process.

First you will need to be at the main page for RSI HERE

Then Click on the MY RSI in the upper right. Then  MY HANGER

you should now be in your hanger with the MY GEAR highlighted in the navigation bar on the left.

Now scroll down till you see the ship or package you wish to melt down. and you will see a little arrow to the right of that package.

Melt Ship 1





Next you will see the “Exchange for Store Credit” button , Click on that and you will get a warning message that you are about to exchange your ship or package for store credit.













Type in your RSI Password to complete the exchange and you will have the credits to buy any other package.

There are a few restrictions

24 hour cool-down after purchase, before you can melt
Nothing bought with store credits can be gifted (even if only a part of the payment is credits).
Other than that, you can melt as often as you want.

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